About Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad

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Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad

Spokesperson for Fatah Palestinian Liberation National Party – Founder of the Middle East Post – Media Manager – Political Analyst and Representative

A Palestinian-Arab living in East Jerusalem, Ziad graduated from College Des Frères in Jerusalem. Ziad finished his major in International Relations and English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,Ziad is a former President of the Watan Palestinian movement. He is interested in Middle Eastern political issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Founder of the Middle East Post, he represents Palestinian youth at several11295802_1455619361402031_5247950921334442109_n international conferences.

Ziad is active in journalism, diplomatic representation, political analysis, and academic projects since seven years. He enjoys different skills; team player, organized, detailed oriented with strong communication skills, Problem solver and able to work under purser, Project Management, Organizational Skills, Negotiations, Complex Problems Analysis, Public Speaking, Planning, and Leadership. Languages: Fluent in Arabic, English & Hebrew.

Diplomatic Representative

Ziad represents Youth in many International conference about the Internet freedom, human rights and political situation of the Middle East. Most of these conferences are held in Germany, the United States of America, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Middle East Post

Founder of the Middle East Post: an independent website for political analysis of the Middle East political issues. The Middle East Post is a website which was launched on October 2007. Middle East Post main target is to give a chance for anyone who wishes to write about the Middle East. Middle East Post publishes articles written by professional writers who have a good experience in analyzing the Middle East and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
The Authors who write in the Middle East Post come from different backgrounds and they represent their own opinion about the conflict.
The Middle East Post is independent and does not serve the interests or the political opinion of anyone. At the same time Middle East Post wants its readers to have a chance to know more about the conflict from people who are directly involved in it